20 la vigna, 47 shongweni road, hillcrest 3610
telephone 031 765 7151 | mobile 079 885 4494 email wendy@applepiegraphics.co.za

As basic and down-to-earth as apple pie is to most people, so is the owner of Apple Pie Graphics.

If you want 'cream on your pie', us the services of this top class graphic designer to add taste and flair to promoting your product.

Apple Pie Graphics was launched early in 2008, but not before I had learnt the tricks of the trade for myself and applied what I absorbed, gaining considerable experience while working in various design studios based in Durban.
Driven by my desire to do more and go further, I began freelance work
in 2003 (followed eventually by starting my own company). Overall my total in the publishing industry amounts to 19 years.

I love the work that I do, and am confident that this shows in the
projects I have undertaken for clients. In a fastpaced profession, I cope well under pressure, avoiding complications and keeping things simple–KISS, as they say in the vernacular. My company has few overheads, with this benefit also passed on to clients.